Estate Planning & Administration

Our staff has extensive experience in estate planning and estate administration. We can work with your attorney to assist in the planning of your estate to minimize taxes and insure the orderly distribution of your estate, consistent with your estate planning objectives.

If named Executor in your will, we would be responsible for the administration of your estate and would work closely with your estate attorney in preparation of court documents and required tax returns. We would also be responsible for filing the inventory, management and liquidation of estate assets and the ultimate distribution to the beneficiaries.

We can also serve as Administer of the estate of anyone passing without a will.

Trust Administration

We can serve as trustee of living revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, and trusts under a will. As trustee, we provide complete custodial and recordkeeping services and can manage your real estate and investment portfolios for you.

Farm Management

We offer complete management of farms for retired or absentee landlords and surviving spouses. Our duties include negotiations of farm leases with tenants, participation in government programs, grain marketing, and tax accounting.

Investment Agency

We offer investment portfolio management under custodial, agency, and power-of-attorney arrangements. We take care of the collection of dividends, interest, and principal payments and provide a complete accounting to your and your tax preparer at year end.

Other Trust Services

In addition to the above services, Citizens State Bank & Trust Company can also assist you with the following:

  • Self-directed IRAs
  • Qualified Retirement Plan Trustee
  • Court appointed Conservatorships
Not FDIC Insured
No Bank GuaranteeMay Lose Value